Antique Kimono - Indigo & White Ikat Check

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Designer Michael Cepress has carefully curated a special collection of antique and vintage garments to present beside the works made in his studio. His enthusiasm for the rich history clothing can share has led to the creation of his HISTORY collection.

This authentic antique Japanese kimono is made of indigo-dyed cotton in a dynamic grid pattern. This is a particularly rare and collectible piece with its complex textile design and glorious coloration.

Special notes: The neckline of this garment is quite worn. It also has pale pink stains down the center front of the piece. These flaws have been considered in the pricing of this otherwise very valuable piece of textile history. Garments of this age often show signs of the long life they have lived. We encourage you to embrace their subtle wear, color variation and unique character as a sign of the special story each piece can tell.

Measurements below correspond with the diagram provided.
A. 50"
B. 26"
C. 11"